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Albany NY Criminal & DUI Defense

Don’t Go It Alone

When faced with criminal charges in Albany, many people initially feel like the best course of action is to cooperate thoroughly and “get it over with,” believing that prosecutors and judges will look favorably on them. Don’t believe this. When you sit down to talk to the cops, they tell you very plainly that “everything you say can and will be used against you.” Believe that.

It is vital to your future and your freedom that when you go into that interview room, you have an attorney seated beside you. But more importantly, you want an experienced attorney who knows Albany’s legal and law enforcement community, the judges and prosecutors, the police officers, and knows how they operate and work together.

Former Prosecutors Against Current Prosecutors

Patituce & Scott’s experienced attorneys include a number of former Albany prosecutors, and you can count on our extensive experience on both sides of the aisle to be a big advantage in your case. We know exactly how the prosecution will put together its arguments, what precedents it’s likely to rely on, and how it will try to minimize the weaker pieces of the case.

We know because we’ve done all of those things right here in Albany, so when it’s time for the defense to rise and make your case, you can believe that it’ll be a direct rebuttal of everything the prosecution has come up with.

We Defend – Regardless Of The Charge

We’re Criminal Defense Attorneys right here in Albany. Whatever the charges, we give you the best possible advice and representation, and work closely with you and your family to create the best outcome. Whether you’re facing a DUI, drug charges, theft, fraud, sex crimes, or even murder charges, we have the experience, tenacity, and seriousness of purpose to provide you with the strongest possible defense.

We Fight Back – For You

Ultimately, a criminal case is built on one thing and one thing only: Evidence. At Patituce & Scott, our approach to criminal defense is simple. We challenge the evidence. Every piece of it. Every witness statement. Every bit of physical evidence. Every document. Everything.

Prosecutors know that when they meet our attorneys in court, they’ll have to defend everything that they enter in court. Our attorneys have earned a reputation in Albany for our exacting challenges, and we’re extremely proud of that.

Prosecutors know that we don’t let anything slide, so you can rest assured that regardless of the charge, your case is being treated with the attention and seriousness it deserves. We work with you to attain the outcome that you and your family think is best – whether through the courtroom or through a negotiated settlement. But we will always fight for you, in whatever capacity you need.

Call Now For Your Free Consultation

We want to hear what’s happened to you, and we want to help if we can. Call 518-300-1331 today for a free consultation with an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney who will listen, ask some questions, and then give you an honest assessment of your case and your best course of action.

Don’t wait. The sooner you bring in experienced, tough attorneys, the sooner you can start taking control of your life again. Call Patituce & Scott at 518-300-1331 today.