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Defense Attorneys For Homicide And Murder Charges In Albany

Strong Defense Against The Most Serious Crimes

The most significant criminal charge in our legal system is Homicide. It encompasses a number of other criminal areas – the violence of assault, the ill-intent that goes with premeditation, and ultimately the theft of a person’s life.

If you have been charged with Homicide, or believe you are suspected in a Homicide investigation, you need legal help now. Call Patituce & Associates at 518-300-1331 to speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. If you have been arrested or the police have asked to interview you, say nothing.

It is extremely important to your future that you do not allow yourself to be questioned without an attorney present. You may think you’re “clearing things up” for the police, but their only job in this matter is to collect evidence and build a case against someone. Don’t give them information that they can use against you.

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys protect your rights and liberties throughout the process, whether you’ve been charged or are just concerned about police interest in this very serious matter. We are former prosecutors, so we understand how interrogations are structured and cases are built, and we will ensure that police never trick you into violating your 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Don’t Try To Help The Police

When a person dies and foul play is suspected, the police begin a widespread investigation into the person’s relations, and if they can feasibly build a scenario where you had motive, they will pursue their inquiries into your life.

Your privacy vanishes as the police explore your financial background, romantic entanglements, professional history, and more. While it’s nice to think that police and prosecutors act with professionalism in all cases, there’s always the chance that someone will want the satisfaction of seeing their name, or information they provided, in the papers or on the evening news.

Don’t take these risks. In America, you are innocent until proven guilty, and if you become a suspect in an Albany homicide case, you need the protection that attorneys with Patituce & Associatesprovide. If police are threatening you as part of a homicide investigation, or you have already been arrested or charged, call 518-300-1331 for a free, no-pressure consultation with experienced criminal defense attorneys right here in Albany today.

We’ll listen to you, and we’ll give you our very best assessment of your current situation. If you need help, we’ll step between you and the police, and represent your best interests every day.

Don’t wait and hope that the police move on to other suspects. A strong legal representation is your best hope for a positive outcome. Call 518-300-1331 today.