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Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys In Albany

We Defend Your Rights – And Protect Your Reputation

When crimes are alleged to have taken place in the home, it can be devastating to everyone involved. Charges of domestic violence are especially damaging to a person’s reputation, and even without a conviction, may strain relationships outside of your family, causing problems in your career and with friends and other family members. If you’ve been charged with Domestic Violence in Albany, you may already have an order of protection (Restraining Order) against you, or otherwise be facing immediate legal sanction. It’s important that you take your own rights seriously and act to defend them immediately.

Domestic Violence is frequently claimed during divorce proceedings, and may limit your access to your children or force you out of your home. These are extremely serious charges that involve strong emotions from all parties – even including your children. Your best bet is to work with attorneys who bring a calm, reasoned approach to family issues, and can interview or negotiate with witnesses and relatives without inflaming tensions within your home.

And because of the complexities of Domestic Violence law, it’s not uncommon for Albany prosecutors to ignore a spouse’s desire to drop the charges in a case and try to strong arm the accused into accepting plea bargains and counseling programs that leave your record tarnished for years to come. Our attorneys work with domestic violence cases every day, and we do everything in our power to ensure that the prosecution treats you fairly and respects your family’s wishes.

Don’t Be Labeled

You don’t have to live with a Domestic Violence label.  Patituce & Associates Criminal Defense attorneys have years of experience navigating the choppy waters of difficult family situations, and know the best ways to operate between parties, even when tensions are high.

We explore all witness testimony, police reports, and other evidence, re-interviewing and double checking to ensure all procedures were followed and that your rights have been respected throughout the process. Our experience as Albany prosecutors means we know how procedural errors are likely to be hidden, and we will force the prosecution to meet the very highest standards of evidence and support each allegation they allege.

Protect Your Rights And Your Reputation

We know the most significant losses one experiences when a relationship falls apart aren’t things – they’re the ways that relationships change, especially with your children. Domestic Violence allegations are often made during divorce proceedings as a way of keeping one spouse from maintaining a relationship with his or her children. Our lawyers fight aggressively to push back these types of frivolous claims, and vigorously assert your parental rights in court.

Don’t let these heightened emotional situations damage your future. Call 518-300-1331 today for a free, no-hassle consultation with an experienced Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Attorney.